Product name: On camera Teleprompter
Product number: BYTC5200
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Update time:2016
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Broadcasting studio camera teleprompter,wholesale congress camera teleprompter

LCD Screen on camera teleprompter

Our teleprmpter brand KAMERA, is professional use for conference,speech and studio,we have 3 versions,speech teleprompter, self-standing teleprompter,on-camera teleprompter for ur choice in different usage.

on camera teleprompter

Rack Mounted Teleprompter Features:

1.light refraction preventing
2.2-3 times Brighter than common telepromoter
3.Highest brightness: 1800nits;
4.Optical transmissivity:80%
5.Daylight readable;
6.Super thin film glass(only 2mm) greatly
7.improves optical transmissivity.



LCD monitor;

2 Mirror (2mm professional film glass);
3 Mirror fixed clamp;
4 Mirror Support Stick;
5 Camera support plate
6 VGA Multi-Route Switcher (4 in 1);
7 VGA cable*2pcs;
8 Power Adapter & Cable;
9 Mouse & Cable;
10 Software;
11 Carton Package

Teletorium on camera telepromter accessories diagram.
on camera teleprompter diagram
BYTC Portable Interview Prompter

On camera teleprompter application phototes.

Professional on camera teleprompter

TV studio on camera teleprompterspeech on camera teleprompter

Professional camera teleprompter at SZ TV studio.

college on camera teleprompter


Portable on camera teleprompter detail phototes.

rack mounted on camera teleprompter

Outdoor Interview professional on camera telepromter

Teleprompter On-Camera - (BYTC5200PC )

Clear display and high brightness camera teleprompter

DSLR Prompter 15mm Rail Systemjpegstudio on camera teleprompter

announcer host on camera teleprompter

Other teleprompter designs configurations for ur ref:

Model No.




(Presidential/speech Teleprompter)

1.LCD monitor;

2.Mirror (2mm professional film glass);

3.Mirror fixed clamp;
4.Mirror Support Stick;
5.VGA cable*2pcs;
6.Power Adapter & Cable;
8.Carton Package.

17 inch

19 inch


(Self-stand Teleprompter)

1.Mirror (2mm professional film glass) / Mirror holder and cover package;
3.LCD Monitor / LCD bracket;
4.Fixing Screws;
5.VGA cable*2pcs;
6.Power Adapter & Cable;
7.Mouse & Cable;
8.VGA Multi-Route Switcher (4 in 1);
10.Carton Package.

17 inch

19 inch


(On-Camera Teleprompter)

1.LCD monitor;

2.Mirror (2mm professional film glass);
3.Mirror fixed clamp;
4.Mirror Support Stick;
5.Camera support plate;
6.VGA Multi-Route Switcher (4 in 1);
7.VGA cable*2pcs;
8.Power Adapter & Cable;
9.Mouse & Cable;
11.Carton Package.

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