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AVIGATOR, the best 3D visual studio from China

Real SET 3D virtual stage takes the real stage, real studio or real scene shot by camera as background, then add into 3D virtual object to compound and output as broadcast class video. 3D virtual object could move aritrarily in the real room and keeps precise position with real room with high precision tracking system. Not only 3D virtual object, but also active outer-video, virtual light or fog, snow or rain, swimming fish, flying birds, etc. could be added into real scene.

The virtual stage system could be used to produce many kinds of TV programme, such as stage performance, teleplay producing, news, talking, PE, entertainment, children, technology programme producing, which allows the production of TV program change thoroughly. 

Computer host of AVIGATOR 3D visual studio

Display screen and Switchboard

Synchronous signal generator

Camera stand

Electromechanical sensor tracking



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